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I read another blogger’s post today called “8 Ways to Get More Done While You Sleep,” offering tips on how to use snooze time to be more productive. The suggestions − all borrowed from published sources − ranged from reinforcing memories while sleep, to making a meal overnight in your slow cooker, to taking red-eye flights so you can spend your daytime travel hours actually working.

Sleeping graphicI found this interesting given all the research about how sleep-deprived so many of us are. A Gallup study made public last December showed that 40 percent of Americans get less than seven hours of sleep and as many as a quarter of us get fewer than six hours.

Have you ever actually tried sleeping on an overnight flight? If you’re like me, you’re never able to fall into a deep slumber and you don’t arrive as rested as you’d like. Red-eye flights tend to cross multiple time zones, and the resulting jetlag only makes matters worse.

Filling the house with strong aromas, even pleasant ones like food cooking, can keep us from falling into a deep sleep. I’m not even sure how you would reinforce memories while you sleep, and the referenced article wasn’t all that enlightening. But I do know that when I lie down and my mind is very focused on something I have trouble sleeping, and once I do it can be restless.

A Feb. 7 Business Insider article listed 25 negative effects of not getting enough sleep. Their list included such things as irritability, headaches, inability to learn, weight gain, colds, a number of ill health effects, and depleted sex drive.

Sleep is important enough for our overall well being that the best thing we can do at bed time is actually sleep. When we awake well rested, we have more energy and we’re able to get more done. So my suggestion is, if you want to be more productive, don’t worry about what more you can do while you doze, just get some sleep.


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