No one is born a leader. While innate traits and characteristics give some individuals a greater aptitude, leadership is a set of skills each of us learns, develops, and hones over time.

E5a1Robert’s tailored leadership develop programs tap into each individual’s talents and gifts while helping them understand the role of a leader and how to set and achieve goals linked to organizational objectives.

Simply talking about leadership is not leadership development and it will not create the confident, competent, motivated people who will be the agents of change needed to make a difference in your organization. Leaders don’t just emerge on their own. Businesses of every size, nonprofits, and community service organizations now face unprecedented demands, which creates higher expectations for people in leadership roles. Too few organizations have the right leaders on board to ensure success amid today’s business, political, and social uncertainty.

Whether it’s leadership training, coaching, succession management, mentoring, internships, constituent outreach, or other programs, Robert can help you build the capabilities of your people and give your organization a much-needed edge. Robert works with individuals and businesses of all sizes. He also assists non-profit, religious, community service, fraternal, and educational organizations.


“Robert served as my coach during a difficult professional transition. He provides excellent strategies and professional insight. He exceeded my expectations and I am fortunate to have worked with him!” – Rose M.


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