Everybody loves a hero and we rightly celebrate individual achievement. However, most projects are too big and too complicated for one person to successfully manage alone. That often means assigning work to a team or being a member of a team. Nearly two-thirds of teams fail and team members frequently end up frustrated and discouraged and it’s probably not for the reasons you think.received_1072002289511342

Most teams don’t fail because they lose focus; they fail because they never gain focus.

The term “team building” often conjures of images of off-site retreats with team members competing in various activities. These can be effective. But when not properly designed and staged, these activities can promote aggressive behavior and create a false illusion of cooperation among people who feel compelled to work together. When winning is their only goal, neither the teams nor your organization profit in the long-term.

Retreats are extremely valuable when done well. But effective team building exercises can take as little as a few hours. It’s important to have an expert like Robert, who can make sure your team building improves interpersonal relationships, advances common values, promotes shared decision making, and reduces conflict among team members. Team building is great for corporate and non-profit boards, leadership teams, management groups, and project teams.

 Robert will work with you to create  exercises that fit your organizational culture, promote a sense of team spirit, and help members work together more efficiently and effectively. He will also work on-site to improve communication and cooperation among teams and across the organization.

“I often tell people that I credit my career to the behind-the-scenes work of Robert Naylor.” – Khristopher B.

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